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Out Of The (Hunt) Valley

Another Balticon has gone into the history books, and with it ends a 10 year-run at the Hunt Valley Inn. This would be the third extended run; Balticon previously had multi-year runs in the late 70's/early 80's and in the early 90's. (There was a period in the mid/late 80's where Balticon appears to have alternated between the Inner Harbor and Hunt Valley.

This was one of the more interesting years of my tenure as Coordinator of Filk and Other Musical Mayhem. There was some uncertainty along the way over whether or how we were going to be able to use some of the space due to hotel renovations. As it turned out we finally did get most (if not all) of it, but in the meantime we'd downsized some of the program. Oh well. In the meantime, some processes that had worked smoothly the previous nine years suddenly...didn't. Hopefully some of those were just bumps. Next year there's both a Balticon and a Conterpoint on my plate, so things are going to be kinda crazy in these parts. (And that's just for starters!) At least I'm not chairing or doing hotel for Conterpoint next year; I'm hoping to mainly focus on publications and website content.

The music program went pretty well. Open filk did fizzle out early side all three nights; the circle was dead before 12:30 on Friday and Saturday and looked like it was starting to lose steam when I went to bed a little after 1:00 on Sunday. That was probably due to a combination of folks being tired from Friday travel, recovering from various ailments, and getting to bed before 10am panels. Plus we're all getting older and can't stay up as far past our normal bedtimes. But we had a most excellent series of concerts, topped by Erica's GOH set and continuing through Decadent Dave, Maugorn, Sassafrass, Glyn Collinson & Andrew Marcus, Steve & Deja, and Cheshire Moon. Plus Dave, Emily, and I had loads of fun entertaining the kids (and each other) for a Sunday morning children's concert. And two people requested songs from me, which is quite unusual.

As is usual for Balticon, I didn't make it to much outside the Music track. I did get to Jo Walton's GOH talk, during which she brought out Sassafrass to sing "Somebody Will". We also got to the "Am I More Sentient Than My Cat?" panel, which featured Erica for a philosophical perspective on the question. Of course, it should be noted the panelists quickly retitled the question "Am I More Sapient Than My Cat?" (I quipped to Sheryl "are we talking before or after I've had coffee?") Meanwhile, I got to experience a panel from the other side of the table as a member of the "Engineers Can't Write" panel, where I offered myself as a living counter-example. (Both professionally and as an amateur songwriter.)

Next year Balticon celebrates its 50th year and returns to the Inner Harbor, moving into the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace. George R.R. Martin heads the guest lineup, and we have the Ropers for Music GOHs.

Not Dead Yet

It's been a while since I posted, so I figured I should toss up a quick update.

We made our annual sojourn to the Great White North to help FilKONtario celebrate its 25th year. Much fun was had, many friends were seen. Was delighted to see Steven Joel inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame.

Had to fly directly from Toronto to Memphis for a grueling six days of building code hearings. Luckily, got to fly home a day early, which meant we could join tarkrai and katyhh (who were playing tourist in DC for a week) for a Monday evening concert featuring James Keelaghan, Archie Fisher and Jez Lowe.

Unfortunately, I was also getting the first hints of a cold on Monday and spend the rest of the week with Ye Olde Snot Monster clogging my nose. Still a bit of lingering congestion even today, and definitely not caught up on lost sleep.

On the bright side, between a planned day off Monday, unplanned day off Wednesday, and a mostly-lazy weekend, I'm mostly caught up on currently-running shows.

Birthday Party/Housefilk Tomorrow

I realized I hit the usual e-mail lists, but never copied Sheryl's post over here. Brains?

Anyway, Sheryl's annual birthday party/ housefilk will be held here at Stately Ehrlich Manor tomorrow (April 12th) from 2 pm to 7pm.

There will be food and beverages available, but feel free to bring stuff if you like.

Standard disclaimer about our cats: There are two living here, but they will most likely be hiding under the bed. (Certainly Luna will be in hiding. Nova may hide, or not, depending on her mood.)

Comment or e-mail if you have questions or need directions.

February 2015 Books

Here (belatedly, as usual) are February’s reads. A shorter list than I’d expect, given I made two round trips to San Diego during the month. But then, the final Subterranean Magazine was longer than some novels, and the 350+ page Upgraded was more like a 400-450 page book once font size and line spacing are accounted for. Anyway, on with the list:

1. Yesterday's Kin, Nancy Kress (novella)
2. In Real Life, Cory Doctorow & Jen Wang (graphic novel)
3. The Three-Body Problem, Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu)
4. Reach for Infinity, Jonathan Strahan, ed.
5. Subterranean Magazine, Winter 2014
6. The Magician’s Land, Lev Grossman
7. Upgraded, Neil Clarke, ed.

One day I"ll keep on scheduleCollapse )


January 2015 Books

A new year of reading begins, and we're already behind on posts. Two cross-country trips will do that. An interesting mix to start the year; some new, some old, some paper, some ebook. And a longer list than usual for a month. Two cross-country trips will do that too. Here, on the first day of March, is January's list of reads:

1. Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein
2. Full Fathom Five, Max Gladstone
3. Academic Exercises, K.J. Parker (collection)
4. Conscientious Inconsistencies, Nancy Jean Moore (collection)
5. Fortune's Pawn, Rachel Bach
6. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 1: Legacy, Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (graphic novel)
7. Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1: No Normal, G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona (graphic novel)
8. Invisible, Jim Hines (collection)
9. Collared, L.A. Kornetsky

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Adventures in Sleep Deprivation

Thanks to a well-timed invitation to speak at a meeting of $EMPLOYER's Oregon chapter, held in Bend, I was able to make it to Saturday and Sunday of Conflikt. I had a great time, but the weekend was one big experiment in sleep deprivation. For various reasons, my best choices for flights were all early departures - 8:20am, 6:15am, and 8:05am for the IAD-to-RDM (via SFO), RDM-to-SEA and SEA-to-IAD legs, respectively. Which meant I had to wake up at 5:30am, 4:15am and 5:30am to make each of those. The things I do for both my job and my hobby (*grin*).

The con was excellent. It was great to see AJA, Cecelia and Toyboat again (even if Gundo did make sure to play "Wagon Wheel" *twice* for me). And of course all the fine Northwest folks like Jeffrey and Jeri Lynn, CD, JT, Andrew, Dawn, Betsy, Sunnie, Char and Randy, Vixy and Tony, Steve, Colleen and Naomi, and Dara. Plus Kathleen, Judith and Dave, Harold, Josh and Lisa, Bill and Carole, and Paul and Beth. And a long list of other folks I'm probably forgetting. Got a decent amount of singing in, including a 2-fer. Picked up a cute handmade stuffed Totoro from the Interfilk auction and a catnip toy covered with Star Trek logos (titled a "DiNipium Crystal").

My offering was accepted by Nova within five seconds of my tossing it on the bedroom carpetin front of her. A few minutes later, she was batting it around and chomping on it out in the hallway outside when Luna came creeping upstairs. She stopped about a foot away from her sister and immediately started rolling around on the floor. Contact high! Obviously they make some good nip in Washington State. 8-)

Meanwhile, Boskone was somewhat of a mixed bag, and not just because of the snow and chilly temperatures. I enjoyed myself, participating in two panels (songwriting and performance tips) and a re-run of the Fantasy and the Sea Shanty panel. The filk circles were a little smaller than usual but still quite fun, and I was able to catch up with lots of friends. At the same time, between three program items in four hours and an early Valentine's Day dinner on Saturday (to accommodate a Concertino meeting), I missed several program items I would have liked to attend with authors I would have liked to have seen, of which there were unusually many at this year's con. (For example, I totally missed James Cambias, whose A Darkling Sea I enjoyed). We were able to catch Fran Wilde (who Sheryl knows from on a Fantasy Bestiary panel and I caught Max Gladstone's reading. We also snuck away from the Saturday filk to catch the Silly Cover Poses session - at which I saved one attempt to recreate a fantasy cover by grabbing one of the plastic trays the hotel had put out for empty glasses and offering it to one of the participnts to use as a shield.

Meanwhile, I was able to escape the cold and snow for a couple of days by flying out to San Diego for a workshop on resilient construction and communities. Took a red-eye home Thursday night since we supposedly had some commitments for today and I didn't want to get home later on Friday. As it happened, our commitments got cancelled due to the snow. Oh well. Took care of a few other things that Needed To Be Done and knocked several items off the DVR.

2014 Bookpost #11

And the final reads of 2014. Eight things read in December, and one read earlier in the year that I forgot to list:

78. Empire of Dust, Jacey Bedford
79. Watson and Holmes: A Study in Black, Karl Bollers, Justin Gabrie (Ed.), Rick Leonardi & Larry Stroman (illustrators)(graphic novel)
80. Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, Tony Cliff (graphic novel)
81. Corduroy Mansions, Alexander McCall Smith (DNF)
82. Symbiont, Mira Grant
83. Alif the Unseen, G. Willow Wilson
84. Adrift on St. John, Rebecca M. Hale
85. Ex Libris: Confession of a Common Reader, Anne Fadiman
86. Two Serpents Rise, Max Gladstone

A little something for everyone in this listCollapse )

So the final count on the year would be 86 total reads, encompassing 76 novels or non-fiction books, 8 graphic novels, 1 novelette, and 1 novella. It is noted the list doesn't include the 'zines I get via RSS feed (Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, Apex, Strange Horizons and Uncanny, nor does it track the short fiction. That would probably push the real total over 100.

Onwards to 2015! (And some of the 140+ books currently on my to-be-read bookcase!)


2014: What a Ride!

After reading through my friends' year-end posts, I almost feel guilty posting my own. I know that 2014 really sucked for many of my friends. Several lost loved ones (and many of those I considered friends as well). And several have had career issues, health issues, financial issues, or combinations of all three. So I know many of my friends are glad to see 2014 come to an end.

It was quite a different story in our little corner of Maryland here, where we had a rather excellent year.

Topping the good times was my EPIC turn as FilKONtario's Filk Waif back in April. With help from Art, Heather, Ben, Jason, and Gundo I delivered a rockin' set that included COVERING RUSH FROM A CANADIAN STAGE. I'm still glowing. The concom is probably still recovering.

Following that was the_sheryl's turn as Listener Guest for NEFilk/Contata in June. She assembled a fine Listener's Choice concert and hosted two theme circles.

I'm pretty sure I set a personal best for program participation. It seemed there were only a few weeks when I wasn't preparing for a concert, panel or both at some convention. The activity included a concert and three panels at Boskone; a concert, guitar workshop, and Media theme circle host at FilKONtario (plus two songs in the Hall of Fame concert); the Medieval Dance and a panel at Balticon; a few songs in the Listener's Choice concert at Contata; a concert and three panels (two of which I moderated) at Loncon; two concerts at ConChord (one of my own, plus I backed Matt & Mary for most of their 60-minute Interfilk concert); two panels and co-hosted a Classic Filk song circle at Philcon; concert at Chessiecon. No wonder I feel tired!

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in August with lots of Meat! On! Skewers! and "Guardians of the Galaxy". Because nothing says "celebration of love" like a CRAZY GUN TOTING RACCOON.

While overseas for Loncon, we went to the Victoria & Albert Museum, Hyde Park, Bletchley Park, Forbidden Planet, Trinity College, and the Chester Beatty Library. We took a relaxing train and ferry ride in between the first three and last two.

We're both still gainfully employed and reasonably healthy. (Other than the fact I should work on losing about 20 pounds.) My job continues to interest and challenge me. Between one change in assignments, one new initiative in my department, and one standard reaching the peak of its development cycle, I had a bit more business travel than the last couple of years. 2015 is likely to be busy too.

So yes, definitely a good year for us. 2015 promises to be interesting in a number of ways, also for good reasons.

2014 Bookpost #10

And here we are, caught up to November's books. Right on schedule to write up December's over the next day or two.

71. Resistance, Jenna Black
72. Annihilation, Jeff Vandermeer
73. Truth Like the Sun, Jim Lynch
74. Lockstep, Karl Schroeder
75. The Riddle of the Labyrinth, Margalit Fox
76. Physics of the Impossible, Michio Kaku
77. The Future Falls, Tanya Huff

I"m sure you"ve been waiting for my comments on #77Collapse )


2014 Bookpost #9

Racing the clock now! October's books:

65. Lock In , John Scalzi
66. The Winter Long, Seanan McGuire
67. Sly Mongoose, Tobias Buckell
68. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho
69. V for Vendetta, Alan Moore (graphic novel)
70. A Darkling Sea, James Cambias

Did you see what I did there?Collapse )


Hobbling Through Florida

Back from the annual sojourn to South Florida. The trip was a bit more interesting than usual due to the fact I managed to pull (or at least strain) a thigh muscle during a brisk walk on the treadmill the Saturday before Christmas. I nearly ended up cancelling the trip after I could barely walk from work to lunch (and CVS) to the Metro on Wednesday. However, being a guy, I opted to tough it out and by the time we got on the plane the combination of a pair of Advil and a menthol pain relief pad had mostly restored my ability to walk, not to mention get in and out of a seat. Thankfully, Wednesday was the worst day, Thursday was a significant improvement, by Friday I could almost manage normal walking pace (and didn't have to ease myself in and out of chairs as much), and by today I'm pretty much healed.

Other than that, the trip was about as usual. I am sure Sheryl's dad is happy to return to his usual daily doses of CNN and the History channel, as opposed to Mythbusters marathons, college basketball games, one Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives episode and a couple of Too Cute episodes.

Yesterday we all went to see The Imitation Game. Given our travels in the UK and Ireland this year included Bletchley Park, the filmmakers had a rather good sense of timing. I don't recall enough specifics of Turing's story to comment on how accurate the movie (which apparently is based largely on Andrew Hodges' book Alan Turing: The Enigma is. I did spot one hut that I presume was digitally inserted into the picture, because it doesn't currently exist on the actual site today. (IIRC its location outside the mansion is marked by a concrete curb.) Anyway, if you like WWII history, computer history, cyphers, all things English, Benedict Cumberbatch, or Keira Knightley, I believe you will enjoy the movie. We did.

We also stopped in at the Historical Society of Palm Beach County, housed in the restored 1916 county courthouse. Learned a few interesting things about the county, its founders and some of its claims to fame. Most notably, that the first IBM PC came out of IBM's research facility in Boca Raton.

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go unpack, and also make the proper obeisances to a certain feline overlord...

2014 Bookpost #8

Continuing the catch-up, September's books and commentary. Much shorter list. For one thing, missed the book club due to Rosh Hashanah. Nor do I usually get much reading time during the FSGW Getaway.

60. Mortal Engines, Philip Reeve
61. Sparrow Hill Road, Seanan McGuire
62. Clockwork Universe: Steampunk vs Aliens, Patricia Bray, ed
63. Ministry Protocol, Tee Morris and Philippa Ballantine, eds.
64. Child of a Hidden Sea, A.M. Dellamonica

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2014 Bookpost #7

Continuing the slow catch-up, here were August's reads:

51. The World to Come , Dara Horn
52. Last Harvest, Witold Rybczynski
53. The Long Earth, Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
54. The Player of Games, Iain M. Banks
55. Digital Divide, K.B. Spangler
56. Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch
57. Tales from the Archives: Collection 7, K. T. Bryski, Michael Spence, Suna Dasi and Sandra Wickham
58. Deception's Princess, Esther Friesner
59. London: A Biography, Peter Ackroyd

I"m sensing a theme hereCollapse )


From the Old to the New

Two con reports for the price of one!

Last weekend we went up to Philcon. Other than coming home with a cold that almost completely deprived me of voice for a day, we had a good time. (Me and sore throats at Philcon is becoming an unfortunate tradition.) Caught concerts from Roberta Rogow, Patricia Wake and Partners in K'Rhyme, most of the Song Sequitur session, and participated in a couple of theme circles, including co-leading the Classic Songs circle.

After going almost the entire year without writing a complete song, I finished one at Philcon and wrote another during the con. The latter one was inpsired by Robert Rogow's song "Obsession" about addicting jewel matching games. Mine is about songs that leave me with earworms.

Also threw my hat into the ring for the Jewish Folklore in SF and Fantasy panel, which was not one of my better panel experiences. Six panelists, which was probably too many, and not well moderated. It seemed to be less a focused discussion on how Judaism and Jewish folklore has been used in genre literature and more a "shout out your favorite novel/story with some Jewish element".

After a few days to rest and medicate my cold into submission, it was off to the inaugural Chessiecon, the con formerly known as Darkover. It was an excellent debut. mneme took over the music track and delivered a mix of Darkover SCA and folk stalwarts (the Homespun Ceilidh Band, maugorn, Ellen James, and various former Clams) and filkers (Roberta, batyatoon, ladymondegreen and Glen Raphael>. All topped off with a rousing, side-splitting, madcap set from Music GOH filkertom that included a hora in the center aisle during "Badger Pajamas".

Josh gave me my first-ever Thanksgiving weekend set. I wasn't at my best, between not being fully warmed up, singing too fast, and fumbling a few chords, but folks seemed to enjoy it. The set list was:

Ramble Wood (words and music me)
Operation: Winter Storm (words me, music Tom Smith)
Costumer (words me, music Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps)
Through a Child's Eyes (words and music me)
Love Theme from Mystery Science Theater 3000
Let the Redheads Win (words me, music Devin Melanson and Leslie Hudson)
Sedona (words and music me)

Yes, that next-to-last song is exactly what you think it is. Between that and the earworm song, I am soooooooo dead.

With earlier start times and more filkers attending, the bardic/filk circles easily cleared critical mass (something which was a struggle the last several years of Darkover) and were a lot of fun.

Let's hope Chessiecon 2 with seanan_mcguire, Heather Dale, and Ursula Vernon is as much fun (or more) as this year!
Yes, it's time once again for my traditional birthday housefilk, which we'll host at our townhouse in Rockville on Saturday, December 6th, from 7pm until whenever.

We'll have plenty of noms on hand, but feel free to bring munchies or beverages. And instruments, of course. Kids are OK, we have TV's to keep them occupied if needed. There are two felines in residence, but both will probably be hiding under our bed. Presents are not necessary, but you can check out my Amazon wish list if you insist (*grin*).

Comment, message, or e-mail me for directions.

A Splash of Cold Water

Got home last night from a business trip to Wyoming to find our hot water heater was not producing hot water. After several failed attempts this morning to re-light the pilot light, I spent a good portion of the day either trying to find a plumber who was available to make a Saturday call or waiting for said plumber to arrive. Which they finally did in the middle of our just-delivered dinner of Chinese food. Ah well, at least with one thermocouple replaced and one gas line cleaned we should shortly have our usual supply of hot water.

In the meantime, a few of my plans for the day went out the window, and can't be resurrected due to the debut filk circle from 2pm-6pm tomorrow at the BSFS Building (the first in what I hope to be an ongoing series). Among other things, this means I will have to spring for the Nook edition of this month's selection for $EMPLOYER's book club, unless the hold I have on the library's e-book edition comes through tomorrow. At least I managed to sneak out and buy a new flapper valve for the downstairs toilet.

Besides racking up another state visited, the trip to Wyoming was reasonably productive, and the folks I was there to meet with seemed reasonably enthusiastic about the initiatives my employer was hoping they would be reasonably enthusiastic about. They were also nice folks who fed me well. That being said, I couldn't quite shake the feeling I was in a remake of the Sports Night episode "The Hungry And The Hunted." (That would be the one where Josh Molina's character gets sent on an ill-fated assignment to produce a celebrity hunting show.)

Got my panels for Philcon. (I was beginning to wonder if this would be another year I'd find out Thursday night what non-filk events I was on.) I've got three items on Saturday: "Getting Started in Filk" at 11am, "Jewish Folklore in Fantasy & Science Fiction" at 4pm, and "Classic Filk Songs" at 9pm. If I can get off my lazy butt and finish them I may have one or two new songs.

Home from OVFF

Home from OVFF. Tired cat is tired. Mini-con in the airport; Ellen Weingart and Mark were on our flight (connecting thru BWI to Islip), Tony Parker, Judy Bemis and Kathy Mar all showed up at the same gate just before our boarding time.

The two catnip pads made by janmagic that I picked up at the Interfilk auction have been strategically placed in the house - one in the living room, one in the computer room. Nova has already discovered the one in the living room (*grin*). Photos on G+.

I think billroper will agree

This came to me at lunch today while reading sports news. To the obvious tune...

You picked a fine time to beat us, Lou Seal
It should be our team as champs on the field
I’m sure you had reasons
To speed our offseason
But this loss will take months to heal(*)
You picked a fine time to beat us, Lou Seal

(*) Until pitchers and catchers report next February, at the very least…


2014 Bookpost #6

Putting a rare, quiet weekend to good use, here's the July booklist and commentary. On the first real fall weekend (temperature-wise), a look back to the middle of summer isn't a bad thing.

43. Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
44. Spellbound, Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles, Larry Correia
45. Warbound, Book III of the Grimnoir Chronicles, Larry Correia
46. Hugo Best Fanzine nominees
47. Dreamers of the Day, Mary Doria Russell (*)
48. The Meathouse Man, George R.R. Martin (writer), Raya Golden (artist)
49. Saga, Vol. 2, Brian K. Vaughan (writer), Fiona Staples (artist)
50. Neptune's Brood, Charles Stross

Highlights and LowlightsCollapse )


OMG! It's a ConChord ConRep!

Yes folks, I'm posting a con report ONLY ONE WEEK AFTER THE CON! And with that, hope springs eternal that I may actually get around to the July, August and September (and soon October) bookposts, the rest of the London/Dublin trip report, and perhaps even the full FKO report!

Into an already-crowded October, we shoehorned a trip to San Diego for ConChord. The primary reason was to catch Interfilk guests thatcrazycajun and Mary Mulholland. As some of my readers know, Matt is largely to blame responsible for Sheryl and I meeting at Disclave 1995. Plus, I have been Matt's Trained Pet Guitarist(tm) for several years. So we didn't want to miss their star turn if at all possible. Also, San Diego is a shorter trip than Swaziland.

Finally made all the domestic filk cons!Collapse )

It's That Time Again

To all my Jewish friends, L'shana tovah tikatevu. May you have a good, sweet New Year.

In other news, I seem to have gotten Getaway crud before the Getaway. Suppose it's better than during or after.

Festival Weekend

Following a fairly lazy Labor Day weekend mostly spent catching up on DVR'd shows, we filled this past weekend with back-to-back festivals.

Saturday we made our annual trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Somehow, we managed not to melt (or get heatstroke) in the heat and humidity. In fact, in all the visits I've made to Crownsville over the last quarter-century or so, Saturday was one of the few days the wind-channeling qualities of Kenwood and Mary's Dale Lanes was actually a desirable feature!

Naturally, our day was mostly a series of musical sets from the Rambling Sailors (who some readers may recall from GAFilk), Scales and Crosstones, Pyrates Royale and (in their 2014 debut) Wolgemut. Plus the usual spin around our favorite vendors like Allen Ye Printmaker, The Bee Folks, Page After Page, and checking in with Steven Joel and Eowyn. Also ran into Sir John of Denver, of Boogie Knights fame.

Sunday we popped over to Takoma Park for the annual Takoma Park Folk Festival. We took advantage of the somewhat cooler temperatures by spending a fair portion of the day at two of the three indoor stages. (As opposed to any of the four outdoor stages.) We caught sets from the All-New Genetically Altered Jug Band, Kathy Westra and George Stephens, Ayreheart, and Susan Gaeta and Howard Bass from Trio Sefardi.

Meanwhile, I'm frantically working on dusting off old favorites and trying to cram new songs into my head for the upcoming FSGW Getaway. Unlike last year, there are no business trips interfering. (Yay!) And I'm looking forward to seeing a couple of folks who've missed the past year or two.

2014 Bookpost #5

And once again my plan to keep up with Bookposts derails completely. Such things happen when you spend most of July gearing up to spend half of August traveling. And then spend half of August traveling. (And a week recovering.) That being said, let's see if we can catch up.

Here's what I read in June:

29. I Remember the Future, Michael Burstein
30. In the Company of Thieves, Kage Baker
31. 2014 Hugo Best Novella nominees
32. 2014 Hugo Best Novelette nominees
33. Promises to Keep, Charles de Lint
34. Queers Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the LGBTQ Fans Who Love It, Sigrid Ellis & Michael Damian Thomas, eds.
35. Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary, Justin Landon & Jared Shurin, eds.
36. Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction, Jeff VanderMeer, with Jeremy Zerfoss (excerpt)
37. The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who, Paul Cornell (writer), Jimmy Broxton (illustrator)
38. Nexus, Ramez Naam
39. A Stranger in Olondria, Sofia Samatar
40. The Secret Lives of Tao, Wesley Chu
41. Hard Magic. Book I of the Grimnoir Chronicles, Larry Correia
42. Lightspeed Magazine, Issue 49 - Women Destroy Science Fiction, Christine Sant, ed.

A Few CommentsCollapse )


Loncon Conrep

So, there was a Worldcon a couple of weeks ago. It was a REALLY BIG Worldcon. There were almost 11,000 registrations (including supporters and folks who didn't make the con) and over 7000 people on site at one time or another, both records as I understand.

An EXCEL-lent Worldcon...Collapse )

Home from London/Dublin

We have returned from vacationing and con-going in London and Dublin. Much fun was had, despite the fact we both came down with con crud immediately after Loncon wrapped. Shared van dropped us off around 5pm, unpacked, did our best to placate Nova (Luna, of course, is off hiding somewhere), and ordered pizza for dinner. I expect an early bedtime.

My 3LF comrades will be happy to know we in fact made it to Hyde Park. 8-)

Great seeing lots of old friends from both sides of the pond and meeting some of the UK filkers who haven't made it to our side yet (and who we didn't meet at Interaction in 2005). Big thank yous to Lissa, Anna, Rick, Deborah and everyone else who helped with filk programming and tech at Loncon.

Got to see the Doctor Who premiere with 300+ other fans at Shamrokon. Very cool.

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